We’re accomplished in a wide range of categories: growers, producers, food, pharma, sports, entertainment, brands and more. It comes from an understanding of people; both the individual and the crowds we live in, and how to cut through the noise and engage. These services lay the all-important framework to make that connection.

Business Intelligence

Great companies start with deep customer intel. We’ll map the path to success at every stage from early stage start-up to fully commercialized brands using the most relevant market research and proprietary customer data driven intelligence. Taking the risk out of marketing in this early stage is the most effective way to maximize ROI with an outcome marketing approach.

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Insights & Analytics

We make sure every marketing move is informed by data and designed for measurable results. Ever wondered what your customers eat for breakfast? If we don’t know it already, we’ll find out.

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Concept, brainstorm, and craft. Our experienced team of award-winning art directors, designers and copywriters are always ready to bring your brand, message or product to life in any market or medium.

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The way to your customer’s heart is through their wifi connection. We’re fluent in UX, UI and the ever-evolving code needed to translate your message in and out of the digital realm.

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Content & Social Media

Yearly blog posts and a couple of tweets just don’t cut it anymore. Instead of talking at them, WS’s content strategy examines the who, what, where, when and why of your customer base to start and maintain meaningful conversations.

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Spanning from traditional to digital, we’re ready to back up your message with all forms of media. Our planning team is at the ready to support every initiative and target your ideal audience with both innovative and proven methods.

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Tech Stack Snap Shot- Fall 2020

Reaching impressive marketing outcomes is complex. But simplifying that complexity is where we thrive.

Better marketing outcomes require a better understanding of your customers, ensuring your brand is relevant to their needs. We use game changing technologies throughout our process, from brand planning to in- market execution to help your brand stay engaged and in tune with your customers. Our tech stack is designed to pivot to align with numerous client software systems; and also allows us to plan, design, deliver, and optimize proven marketing industry leading approaches.

Our Experience

With clients in primary agriculture, food, and pet pharmaceuticals, we understand the unique challenges faced by B2B brands, including the delicate balance of distribution models, consumer pressure, industry advocacy, and complicated regulatory requirements.