Business Intelligence

Insights-Driven Planning for Smarter Business Decisions

Our systems-based approach to outcome marketing is the beating heart of your company’s marketing plan. Using the most relevant market research, digital customer behavioural and in some cases, transactional data, and years of brand and performance marketing experience, we work collaboratively with our partners to design effective plans that drive growth.

By putting the customer at the centre of every decision made, we help companies in agtech and agribusiness align marketing with business goals to realize a measurable return on investment. 

Not quite ready for a marketing plan? Our Business Intelligence team was built to understand and empower companies at every stage of development through our business consulting services.



  • Customer market intelligence
  • Business model assessment/creation
  • Product-fit analysis
  • Strategic product positioning
  • Market research
  • Personalization development
  • Market segmentation
  • Research design
  • Customer journey and data validation
  • Strategic marketing plan development

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