Creating Sizzling Visibility for Alberta Beef Producers


What’s more enticing than the sizzling sound of a burger patty on a grill? Knowing that the meat came from a local, trustworthy source. In 2022, WS developed a multi-channel strategy to create high visibility for Alberta Beef Producers (ABP).



The award-winning How Do You Burger campaign started with several challenges. Alberta Beef Producers is an established and recognizable brand looking for a boost in noticeable content that would not require major budget changes and speak to both consumers and producers.

ABP wanted a measurable bold take on supporting local agriculture and connecting with new audiences – and WS was ready to deliver!



Alberta Beef Producers represent the collective interests of more than 18,000 beef cattle producers across Alberta. ABP advocates for the industry through increasing domestic and international demand and access for Canadian and Alberta beef, ensuring provincial land and water sustainability, and enhancing Alberta beef producers’ competitiveness.



To meet and exceed ABP’s desired outcomes, our team approached the task by first creating a comprehensive front-end plan. Front-end planning focuses on delivering marketing outcomes that ladder up to business goals, while focusing on the needs, desires, and behaviours of the audience. Tactical execution plans can then be built with tailored outcomes built with these marketing outcomes in mind.
WS’ unique front-end planning technique allows our team to gain a deep understanding of the client and their audience and apply our extensive marketing and communications expertise in a targeted fashion, ensuring that every dollar in the budget is optimized.

For Alberta Beef Producers, this combination of planning, audience understanding, and marketing genius resulted in the How Do You Burger campaign – a direct conversation with consumers on their burger-eating preferences. WS developed a multi-channel engagement-focused campaign that gave consumers a fresh look at something that’s not just an ingredient but an entire lifestyle – Alberta beef.

How Do You Burger was built around the idea that everyone loves a good burger – but everyone eats their burger differently. We developed five distinct burger eating personalities to help people express their burger eating style and invited them to tell us which type they were.


Like a juicy burger, the How Do You Burger campaign had quite a few “toppings”. The front-end plan outlined nine content delivery channels:

  • Digital ads: eye-catching banners featuring diverse burger eaters and the main question How Do You Burger?
  • Landing page: the main hub for the campaign featuring burger-loving “personality types” like the Squisher or the Picker and contest conditions. The winner got a $1,000 value BBQ – the ultimate way to indulge in quality beef.
  • Social media posts: a further introduction of fun and relatable burger-eating personas with the CTA leading to the landing page.
  • Influencers: a group of highly-followed foodie Albertans shared their takes on How Do You Burger.
  • Stampede: Calgarians and out-of-towners got to vote on whether burgers should be eaten whole or savoured in halves via an engaging sticker board.
  • Audio spots: a little taste for the ears on radio and digital channels featuring a craveable, memorable rap jingle.
  • TikTok dance: a reach to the young and creative beef consumers through sleek moves set to the rap jingle.
  • Gamified ads: an invitation for consumers to further engage by playing a burger-themed game. The winners got through to the contest page, and the losers got to try again.
  • Daily Hive article: a feature article on one of Canada’s most beloved media and news platforms.


So, how did all this work and planning come together? Exceptionally well.

The How Do Your Burger campaign received high-level industry recognition and brought home the following honours from 2022 Best of CAMA Award Ceremony:

  • BEST OF SHOW — Digital
  • BEST OF SHOW — Marketing
  • Food Day Canada Event
  • Web Advertising
  • Multimedia Campaign up to $650,000

The final metrics also did not disappoint. Paid media reached 5,662,219 impressions, exceeding the KPI forecast of 5.3M.

5,109 unique viewers visited the landing page, and a record-breaking 12.9% followed all the conditions to enter the contest.

And the gaming ads were a perfect “secret sauce” as they increased time spent on the page by a skyrocketing 250%.


Looking back, the engaging multi-channel approach developed at the front-end planning stage was the best solution for this challenge.

“We could easily hang the success of this campaign on the great front-end plan. The creative and media tactics were developed from a thorough understanding of the market, our client and their immediate needs, which were all brought forth with a strong strategy,” said Maggie Ostler, Associate Creative Director at WS.