Agriculture success stories are built on determination, innovation, and strong community support. And UPL, a global crop protection and solutions company, is determined to acknowledge the hard work of food providers and promote sustainability in the agricultural sector.

This is the story of how UPL, in collaboration with WS and Woodruff, launched Allies for Agriculture, a program that brought members of the agriculture community forward to recognize, celebrate, and let them shine beyond their communities.


About UPL

UPL is a leading company in the crop protection industry, operating in 138 countries with access to 90% of the global market. The company is dedicated to providing products and services to support global crop health through its unique, continuously evolving approach.

UPL is uniquely committed to fostering innovation, market access, collaboration, intelligence, and community support through its OpenAg® global network.

About OpenAg

UPL’s OpenAg global network is built on six pillars that embody the ultimate connection and support within the agriculture community. Each pillar is the foundation for the company’s programs, initiatives, and strategies. These pillars are:

  • OpenInnovation
  • OpenMarkets
  • OpenCollaboaration
  • OpenAccess
  • OpenIntelligence
  • OpenHearts.

In line with the OpenAg commitments, UPL launched Allies for Agriculture.

About Allies for Agriculture

Allies for Agriculture made celebrating the hard work and commitment of all contributors across the agriculture industry accessible and straightforward.

The program’s key message was: “Whether in the fields, on the roads or in the office, ag industry professionals deserve recognition for ensuring fresh products make it from the field to consumers and their families — and you can show it by nominating a colleague or coworker to be an ally for agriculture”.

Allies for Agriculture nomination process

1. Nomination

Anyone advocating for a member of the agriculture community could fill out a nomination form on the program’s microsite.

2. Selection and interviews

The chosen finalists underwent interviews that explored their contribution to the industry, their values, and their outlooks.

3. Winner selection

A panel of expert judges, consisting of members inside and outside UPL, evaluated the finalists’ interviews and announced the winners.

4. Award

In addition to well-deserved recognition, the winners received two prizes: a $1,000 donation to a food-related charity of their choice and a $250 restaurant voucher.

Allies for Agriculture categories

Agricultural networks are incredibly diverse and versatile. To ensure the inclusion of all industry contributors, Allies for Agriculture categories included:

  • Growers
  • Crop consultants and pest control advisors 
  • Processors and distributors
  • Transportation experts
  • Food retail

Allies for Agriculture 2022 winners

The Allies for Agriculture program was executed in unprecedentedly accelerated timelines. By the initial internal launch, there were already several winners lined up.

Meet the Allies for Agriculture 2022 winners – Christine and John.

July 2022 winner: Christine Gemperle
Category: Growers

Christine Gemperle, a second-generation almond grower, believes that being a farmer encompasses more than merely operating machinery along rows. To her, it entails nurturing the land, pioneering inventive approaches, and championing the cause of agriculture.

October 2022 winner: John Alindajao
Category: Processors and distributors

John Alindajao embodies the values taught by his parents, who also worked in agriculture. He demonstrates dedication to his career, respects his coworkers, and strives for the success and prosperity of customers and their communities.

Allies for Agriculture campaign elements

Awareness was the primary theme of the Allies for Agriculture 2022 campaign. UPL built a centralized space that offered information about the program and allowed visitors to nominate agriculture contributors they wanted to celebrate. Then an omnichannel promotional strategy directed users to that space while advertising the Allies for Agriculture values.


The microsite focused on explaining the program and facilitating the nomination process. It served as a central hub for all other promotional channels.

Digital media

Static and animated promotional creatives in multiple resolutions for different outlets.


Print ads featuring the program values and the two first winners, Christine and John.

Social media

Facebook posts featuring additional photos and stories from the program winners.

Allies for Agriculture campaign performance

An exclusive partnership with FarmPress for a substantial contribution towards print and digital advertising helped the Allies for Agriculture 2022 campaign become far-reaching, fostering a spirit of collaboration and innovation within the farming community.

And as seen from the performance statistics, the outcome went well beyond UPL.


  • 24,884 sessions
  • 19,082 unique visitors
  • 25.74% session engagement rate

Digital media

  • 1,990,756 impressions
  • 1.83% CTR


  • 57,582 circulation

Social media

  • 475,449 impressions
  • 3.8% engagement during the launch
  • 2.2% engagement overall.


Agriculture is fundamental. And celebrating people in agriculture is crucial. The Allies for Agriculture program salutes hard work, innovation, and resilience. The program embodies unity, appreciation, and the importance of food security and sustainable development.

“I don’t think the general public is aware of all the amazing things we do in agriculture. I grew up on a farm and spent my entire life in agriculture, and I feel like we, as an industry, are really quiet. I’m excited about Allies for Agriculture because it’s our opportunity to tell our story” – Craig Brekkas, former Regional Head of North America at UPL.

Based on the metrics and the general reception of the campaign elements among audiences, UPL believes the promotional efforts and the program, in particular, were successful. And although Allies for Agriculture is currently on hold, there will definitely be more recognition and celebration in the future.