May 17, 2023

WS Launches Children’s Book Celebrating North American Agriculture

Royalties from the sale of All the Farmers You Will Know will be donated to Agriculture in the Classroom Canada.

CALGARY, AB – (May 17, 2023)  – WS, the outcome-based marketing consultancy with a passion for AgTech, has released a children’s book aimed at sparking the next generation’s interest in agriculture and inspiring curiosity about where their food comes from. All The Farmers You Will Know was written with parents in mind, to share stories about the outstanding farmers and ranchers across North America while promoting diversity and inclusion within the industry.

“WS is dedicated to serving North American farmers and thrives on delivering expert insights that advance the adoption of AgTech and modern farming practices,” said Diane Bures, chief growth officer at WS. “As a result, we understand the importance of starting conversations about agriculture when future consumers – our children – are young. That’s why we wrote this book – to inspire the next generation and introduce them to the exciting world of agriculture.”

All the Farmers You Will Know introduces a group of farmers who represent the great diversity found in modern agriculture. As a North American marketing practice, the WS team recognizes that the many cultures, ethnicities, practices, and families who actually farm the land are underrepresented in much of the marketing and media about farming. In this book, stereotypes about farming and farmers are challenged. An array of ethnicities, family structures, farm businesses, and farming practices are represented and celebrated.

Royalties from All The Farmers You Will Know will be donated to Agriculture in the Classroom Canada (AITC-C), a non-profit organization that aims to introduce agriculture to every classroom. Working in collaboration with ten provincial member organizations, AITC-C offers up-to-date, well-balanced, and curriculum-aligned resources for students in all grades.

“AITC-C is thrilled to be the recipient of these donations, as this children’s book aligns strongly with our values,” said Sara Shymko, AITC-C’s Acting Executive Director. “As an organization, we strive to create meaningful connections between students in Canada and where their food comes from. All the Farmers You Will Know will serve as inspiration for students to want to help write Canada’s agriculture and food story.”

All The Farmers You Will Know is available for purchase on Amazon. With its focus on the diverse people who grow the food we eat, the book will inspire and educate readers of all ages.


WS is a full-service outcome-based marketing consultancy with staff located across Canada and the United States. WS delivers insights-driven business intelligence and marketing services that help clients achieve measurable outcomes that align with key business goals. Its audience-first approach ensures people are at the heart of every marketing strategy, fostering customer loyalty and a quantifiable return on investment. WS also Grows More Good by giving back to agriculture and food-related organizations to help support this vital industry. 

Agriculture in the Classroom Canada (AITC-C) is a Canadian charitable organization with a vision to bring agriculture to every classroom, inspiring every student. Alongside the ten provincial member organizations that make up the Agriculture in the Classroom National Collective, AITC-C provides accurate, balanced, and current, curriculum-linked resources for students at all grade levels.

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