Ellery Geddes

Client Partner

A native Torontonian, Ellery did not develop her love of agriculture until she found herself at the University of Guelph, where her inability to smell anything became a super power with all the livestock on campus. After graduating with a B.Sc in Food Science, she found her passion in agency work, spending the last 2.5 years supporting the success of both agriculture and animal health clients. When she’s not sitting at her desk working, you’ll find her sitting at her desk playing video games with friends or buying shoes online. She also loves hiking, and hopes to one day leash-train formally feral cat Freya, so she can come along on every journey.

Facts about Ellery

  • She’s a huge fan of astrology and will happily tell you everything about yourself based on your chart.
  • She has a (small) addiction to Diet Pepsi and yes, she can tell the difference between it and Diet Coke.
  • She loves baking in her free time, so her friends and family are never without dessert.