June 14, 2018

WS Welcomes Studio Artist Tyler Vanson

Tyler Vanson is like a modern-day Picasso. He’s all about experimental art and great visual story telling. After working for many years in design at various printing and production companies, Ty believes he has secured his dream job at WS. “One of my goals was to get a job in the creative industry, and when I was hired at WS, I was blown away and thought, this is a huge boost in momentum to accomplish some of my bigger goals in life,” Ty says of joining the WS team as a Studio Artist.

Whether he’s working in Photoshop, Premiere, After Effects, InDesign, or anything else in the Creative Suite, Ty’s skills as a visual and experimental artist are clear. Since becoming a part of the team in April, Ty has applied those skills to client work that includes video production and photography post-production. His passion for his craft is evident, not only in the work he produces, but also in his great attitude around the office.

Ty discovered his ambition for this career path back in 1996, when he found out computers could be used to mix processes not native to the computer’s technology, allowing him to experiment with art. He’s a bit of a mad scientist when it comes to art, but he doesn’t limit himself to just computer art; he’s also a musician. He plays the guitar, the synthesizer, and he’s also a DJ. One of his greatest accomplishments is performing at gigs and getting positive audience reactions to his music. He thinks it’s so cool when he can create a beat from scratch and have friends rap over it. With a handful of musical influences, he has a few clear favourites:

“I love Matt Bellamy of Muse, he’s a pretty innovative guitarist. He really makes creative uses of it, like adding synthesizers onto the guitar itself. I like underground music of a few genres, but I do enjoy some Taylor Swift, and some Carly-Rae Jepsen. She’s from my hometown of Mission, BC, so it’s easy to support her.”

When he’s not working or making art, you definitely won’t catch him sleeping (seriously, he only sleeps on weekends), but you can usually find him hiking or walking one or two of his dogs out in the Foothills or the Rockies. He also loves to camp and longboard.

One day, he’d love to live in a nice house on a lake, with a big music/art studio overlooking the water. He’d also love to have a garage where he could do some woodworking and weld sculptures and creations.

If he could change one thing about the world, Ty says it would be our education system. “University should not be a debt sentence. I would love for a government program to be created for either artists or people with some kind of plan, which offers them free tuition. We should be free to explore what we truly want to do in life, without the worry of spending $50,000 on school, or having to move away from home to do it.”

We’re excited to welcome Ty to the WS team!