September 12, 2018

WS Welcomes Pricing Manager Melissa Chovanec

At WS, we’re constantly looking for innovative and insightful ways to solve our clients’ marketing challenges, which is why we’re excited to announce the newest member of our team: Melissa Chovanec. Melissa joins us in a role new to the agency, Pricing Manager, and will assist in analyzing, improving, and innovating our pricing models. And while you might imagine this role is closely related to accounting, it’s a common misconception. “Pricing requires an understanding of the product, solution, and business model so you can create pricing factors for different pricing models,” she says. “You have to understand the WS business model, the specific client’s business model, and the rationale for each model.”

With extensive experience in pricing rooted in the telecommunications industry, Melissa decided to make the transition to marketing about a year ago. She says she was drawn to the marketing industry because of the data. “I love to analyze data, and data has become so important in marketing.” The switch has been mostly seamless, though Melissa notes the differences between pricing in the industries. “Telecommunications supply is about hard costs. Creative ideas are intellectual property. The pricing model in marketing is more unconventional.”

It’s also unconventional to have a Pricing Manager in a marketing agency at all. “Clients rightfully demand a solid return on investment,” says WS President, Jeff Groeneveld. “Traditional agencies employ people to estimate and charge the time it takes to complete work. We partner with clients to first determine the challenge we’re trying to solve and then how we can create work that provides results. By employing a Pricing Manager, we’re providing our clients ROI and delivering on our brand promise: We Solve With Soul.”

Melissa’s strong analytic and problem solving skills, paired with her keen interest in the inner workings of marketing are an excellent fit for the role of Pricing Manager. In her role, she reviews historical data, assists in the estimating process, and analyzes both traditional hourly and alternative pricing models against the unique and innovative business models of each of our clients.

Melissa was born and raised in Taiwan, where she earned her BA in Computer Science. Her travels cross the globe across Asia, Europe and North America. She lists Istanbul as one of her favourite places. “It’s a very interesting and unique place to visit,” says Melissa. But given the choice to live anywhere, she’d choose Europe, with its rich history. “I love the lifestyle there. It’s tranquil, and there is a real focus on eco-friendly choices.”

Melissa lives in Calgary with her husband, and spends her free time being as active as possible – from badminton to swimming to biking and running. As for what makes her unique? She’s an avid, organized and systematic planner. “When I’m traveling somewhere, I study the area, culture, currency, and environment. Before I go, I already know the city and have plans in place.” This commitment to detailed analysis and planning is what makes her such a great fit for her role here at WS.

Join us in welcoming Melissa Chovanec to the WS team! You can connect with Melissa on LinkedIn.