January 30, 2018

WS Welcomes Account Executive Courtney Chaisson

Given that Courtney Chaisson first went into marketing because she wanted to be part of the music industry, it’s fitting that she has a tendency to make up songs about whatever she’s doing at any given moment. “Sometimes, they’re ballads, other times, they’re aggressive raps,” she says, though she’s quick to point out that they aren’t necessarily good songs.

With more than five years of experience in industries ranging from education to construction, Courtney considers every problem with curiosity. “I feel that when curiosity is paired with problem solving, some of the best work happens. And that’s something to get excited about.” Her fast thinking, creative and ultra-organized skills are just part of what makes Courtney such a great Account Executive, a role she took on at WS in early November. But it’s also her approach to client services. “My goal with clients is to make them feel like my top priority,” says Courtney, “so that they can feel comfortable and confident with how the agency is approaching things.”

She stays on top of those things with a multitude of colour-coded, carefully plotted to-do lists and calendars. “It’s my job to make sure that we are meeting deliverables and deadlines, so our client can focus on what’s most important to them.” And it’s a dedication to seeing projects through from start to finish that the entire WS team appreciates.

Living in Calgary with her fiancé, Marat, and her “cat-dog” Cosmo, Courtney still considers Vancouver home, though the opposite coast is also high on her list of favourite places to be. In her free time, you’ll find her in the mountains on a hike, scoping out new music, and hunting for vintage mid-century furniture pieces. “I also have a bit of an addiction to ‘reality’ TV… Real Housewives? I PVR all of them. The Bachelor? Pour the wine.”

Her enthusiasm is infectious, her laugh carries through the office and her desk is always impeccably organized – join us in welcoming Courtney Chaisson to the WS team.

You can connect with Courtney on LinkedIn.