November 19, 2019

WS Grows Creative Team With Art Director Sabrina Diehl

What’s been bugging our newest addition to the WS creative team? Why couldn’t Rose have just made room for Jack on the door!

It’s that type of critical thinking that has made our new Art Director/Designer, Sabrina Diehl, stand out. Well, that and her incredible talent.

After growing up in Saskatchewan and the Caribbean, Sabrina joined us fresh out of the Visual Communications Degree program at the Alberta University of Arts in August 2019. “Since I was 13 I always wanted to be an architect,” she says. “But graphic design got a hold of me.” Sabrina even dabbled in fine art but realized that she liked telling other peoples’ stories over her own – and graphic design was a way to do that.

Since joining our team, Sabrina has been proving her worth by providing our clients with boundary-pushing ideas and creative. Sabrina’s ability to bring innovation and creativity to this industry continues to leave us all in awe.

“Sabrina brings a youthful fresh perspective to our team,” says, Executive VP of Creative, Ric Fedyna. “She’s so talented and she had one of the best books at the most recent AU of A portfolio show. It was inspiring. And with her energetic and positive personality, we knew she’d be a great fit here at WS.”

Hoping to one day combine graphic design and architecture, Sabrina plans to earn her Masters in Architecture within the next few years. “What inspires me the most is experiences that combine the three dimensional world with two dimensional work,” said Sabrina. “That’s what I want to help create.”

When she’s not working, you can find Sabrina immersing herself in mountain-life. Whether she’s snowboarding or hiking, when the mountains call – Sabrina must go. “The mountains are where I clear my head,” said Sabrina. “Taking a break from the busy city life gives me the inspiration I need to come up with unique ideas for our clients.”

As her first career-job, Sabrina is excited to see what her future at WS brings. For her, the best part about joining the agency has been the community found within our walls. “Coming together to get one job done with like-minded people that challenge me has been a great experience,” said Sabrina. “It’s a great team to be a part of.”

Join us in welcoming Art Director/Designer Sabrina Diehl to the WS team! You can connect with Sabrina on LinkedIn.