August 6, 2019

Marketing Analyst Support Reid Groeneveld Joins WS

Reid Groeneveld is equally comfortable discussing GMOs as he is Google Tag Manager.

The newest member of our Performance team, Reid’s position as Marketing Analyst Support gives him a unique perspective on the audiences and customers our clients want to reach. “Our ability to use social listening and monitor actual sentiment is really cool. We’re able to explore the way that producers really feel and see how that is influenced by what’s going on the world,” says Reid. “I don’t think that’s something that’s really been explored in a meaningful way before, beyond looking at a government census.”

Reid’s background lends itself well to exploring the data behind the relationships and conversations growers are having online. Growing up on a cattle ranch in Alberta, he engaged in the activities typical of rural kids, participating in 4H for 8 years. In high school, he particularly enjoyed social studies, leading him to pursue his Bachelor of Arts in Political Science with a concentration in International Relations and a minor in History at Carleton University. 

WS’ Executive Vice President of Performance, Graham Kahl, compares Reid to Harvey Keitel’s character in Pulp Fiction. “A lot of times, our clients collect data but it’s disjointed, Reid’s our ‘fixer’– a no-nonsense performer who gets the job done with style,” says Graham. “His enthusiasm to collect, clean and maintain data is a huge benefit to the team and our clients.”

When he’s not at work, you’ll find Reid giving his time as a volunteer research analyst at Imagine Cities, a non-profit organization devoted to improving cities through the curation and sharing of research. He lives with his girlfriend, Christina, and practices jujitsu three times a week. As a frequent attendee of live shows, his love for music is evident. His enviable vinyl collection sits at around 400 albums and growing. 

Ultimately, it’s his passion for doing work that makes an impact that shines through every day. “A lot of what I do involves trying to improve how we reach people, in a way that is ethical and enjoyable. There’s always more to learn.”

Please join us in welcoming Reid to the WS team! Ask him what his favourite album in his collection is by connecting with him on LinkedIn.