January 25, 2018

Data Analyst Anup Patel Joins the Insights & Analytics Team at WS

The road to a position in data is often winding, given the relative newness of the discipline. For Anup, that meant a career that started out in a very different industry. “I started out my career in biotech, thinking I was going to be a bio scientist… until I was working in the field,” he says.

From there, Anup worked in sales in the alcohol industry, sparking an interest in marketing and business which would lead him to pursue his MBA at York University in Ontario. “When Calgary was booming, I moved away to Toronto, and fell in love with the city… and my wife.” Returning to the west after the boom, Anup held a strategist position at Cult, which gave him the opportunity to work with a wide variety of brands and companies, from start-ups to multinationals.

“I became obsessed with the power of data. It was truly a competitive advantage,” says Anup. After a brief detour as a freelance data consultant, Anup joined WS in the role of Data Analyst.

In the office, Anup can most often be found working alongside Graham Kahl, our Executive VP of Insights & Analytics, examining the best ways to collect, organize and analyze data for our clients. By helping us wade through the massive amounts of data that each project can generate, Anup helps every department understand how each tactic serves the larger goal or objective. “Data is just a bunch of numbers and words. We now have the ability to capture numbers and words for just about everything, which is a science,” he says. “Building a compelling story from these numbers and words is an art.”

With a weakness for PC brand chocolate chip cookies, a good beer, and a great documentary, Anup cites one of his favourite places as his couch – but he’s also got a love for travel, with NYC being his other favourite place.

Join us in welcoming Anup Patel to the WS team! You can nerd out over the finer points of data with Anup on LinkedIn.