Tali Demassi

Client Partnerships Manager

Tali joins WS with over 11 years of creative agency experience. She started her career as a designer and found her passion developing strong relationships with her clients and marveling at the power of design paired with marketing objectives. Tali’s favourite moments are kickoff meetings, and being in the room for the first creative presentation. Along the way, she became an advocate for strong brands, and gets a tingle down her spine when she knows the message is right.

Facts about Tali

  • Tali is terrified of fish and found this out the day she went scuba diving for the first time.
  • She thinks about food all the time, and is obsessed with trying new things. She masters none of these, but thinks from a lifetime of variety she just might one day….
  • Tali’s idea of a perfect holiday is landing in a big city for a month, walking everywhere, and staring at foreign labels and strange produce in the supermarket.