Sabrina Diehl

Art Director/Designer

Sabrina Diehl joined us fresh out of the Visual Communications Degree program at the Alberta University of Arts in August 2019. Since joining our team, Sabrina has been proving her worth by providing our clients with boundary-pushing ideas and creative. Hoping to one day combine graphic design and architecture, Sabrina plans to earn her Masters in Architecture within the next few years. “What inspires me the most is experiences that combine the three dimensional world with two dimensional work,” said Sabrina. “That’s what I want to help create.”

Facts about Sabrina

  • When it comes to food, Sabrina LOVES eggs. No seriously, she’s low-key obsessed.
  • Who does Sabrina admire the most? Her family members! Each and every one of them.
  • Sabrina’s perfect day is a day in the mountains snowboarding…with some fireball to help stay warm.