Mahsa Qadimzadeh

Data Analyst

Mahsa has a Master’s in engineering, with a focus on Business Intelligence and programming. She has got her Business Intelligence certificate from SAIT and taken programming courses at the University of Calgary. She has worked since 2011 mainly as a machine learning engineer, data engineer and data Analyst. Her experience includes working with Google Data Analytics, Google Data Studio, Big Query, and Python to analyze data and build predictive models, leveraging big data using programming to deliver appropriate analytics and models to identify gaps and opportunities to achieve business goals, analyzing business requirements and customer behaviour data to improve the software products based on marketing purposes, and Python programming for AI-based image detection.

Facts about Mahsa

  • Mahsa is a motorcyclist; she enjoys riding, biking and driving
  • She loves traveling and photography (She had a road trip from Calgary to Ottawa and back)
  • Her favourite sports are soccer and squash
  • She is a volunteer at Sunnybrook Hospital, the Calgary Humane Society, and the Calgary Folk Music Festival