Janice Grenning

Account Executive

With over 21 years of experience in the industry, Janice was a welcome addition to the WS team in 2019. Her diversity of knowledge in project management, market research, analysis and strategic planning has proven to be a huge benefit to all her clients. Along with a Bachelor of Commerce with a marketing specialization, Janice’s skills always ensure every project moves as smoothly, and as profitably, as possible. Whenever it’s cold out, Janice wonders when we can open a WS office in the tropics.

Facts about Janice

  • Outside of work, Janice looks forward to anything from a great meal out to staying in for a Netflix marathon or family games night.
  • Hawaii is Janice’s favourite place to visit: she not only lived there as a child, but got married there and spent her 10th anniversary there as well.