Cheyenne Baptiste

Social Media Manager

Cheyenne joined WS in November 2021 with 14 years of experience in advertising, brand strategy, public relations and social media marketing. After graduating with a Psychology Degree at the University of Alberta, he spent seven years as a Child/Youth care worker before shifting into the marketing mix. He has a genuine love for people and deep passion for social causes and creative expression in all forms. This passion has allowed him to experience and apply his skills in many facets of the industry from entertainment, consumer goods, global health to luxury and destination branding. He spent nine years in Trinidad and Tobago as a brand strategist and social media marketer for agencies (boutique and large) and NGOs before returning to Canada in 2018. Cheyenne is pun-loving and believes in simplicity over complexity. He is low-key obsessed with typography and good copy.

Facts about Cheyenne

  • Food and music are the epicenter of Cheyenne’s heart and he is a sucker for a good burger and a G&T. He can work his way around a kitchen and his favorite dish to make are curries (from Thai to East Indian and West Indian)
  • Cheyenne has been a DJ for over 20 years and he’s an avid record collector (a lover of all genres but jazz, funk, and calypso has his heart)
  • His idea of a perfect day is relaxing on the beach with family followed by a curry and roti dinner