September 4, 2018 | By Ric Fedyna

Everyone Should Be a Hunter

No matter what season it is, everyone who is working to grow their client’s brand should be a skillful hunter. More specifically, an Insight Hunter. It’s the only way to consistently bag the big ideas that have impact and originality.

Every one of us has a deep ancestral instinct to be hunters. It’s in our DNA — and yes, even in yours.

Hunting for insights that translate into big ideas should be a natural part of any brand building process. But it should also be an exciting adventure. Notice that I didn’t say it should be easy. It’s not. It can actually be a huge challenge.

The combination of discoveries that Insight Hunting reveals should culminate into a powerful, singular statement designed to create new energy and meaning for the brand. By revealing a surprising dimension that may have been previously hidden from view, an insight can and should be unexpected and inspiring. It may even be uncomfortable. But once you have it, this untapped resource of potential becomes an “aha” moment where new creative trails begin to emerge.

So how do we track down the insights that lead to the big ideas? Thankfully, there is no rulebook so just go out and start digging — then dig some more. That’s because the path to truly impactful and original creative always starts with a great brief. Hunting down and finding a powerful human insight is what makes good briefs great. Powerful insights set creativity free. You should be obsessively focused on finding those insights before writing a single word of your brief. Once found, briefing creative becomes a stimulating event that generates meaningful dialogue and collaboration.

One thing to keep in mind: more often than not, the big brand-changing idea is waiting for you at the end of the path — and usually where it’s least expected. Finding insight is a process of looking deeper, seeing what is often ignored, and finding the unique possibilities for each product, client and campaign. Keep your eyes peeled, your skills at the ready, and stay patient until you find the one shot that will make it count. Good hunting!

Ric Fedyna

Ric Fedyna is Executive VP, Creative at WS. You can connect with him on LinkedIn.