October 26, 2018

Developer Katelyn Hynes Joins WS

Katelyn Hynes has probably seen more bands at more live shows in more countries than you have, especially because she’s been to Glastonbury, the world’s largest music festival, twice so far. “I’m going for the third time next year. I love going to shows, and usually end up going solo due to my weird musical tastes.” She’s also travelled solo to around 21 countries, with the goal of visiting 40 different countries before her 40th birthday.

After receiving her BSc in Biology, Katelyn discovered that a life spent evaluating Excel data wasn’t for her. “I spent 3 years as a guest service agent in a hotel, travelled the world, and discovered that there are so many other career options besides doctors, dentists and lawyers,” she says. “I decided I wanted a career that wouldn’t become obsolete, and decided on development because it’s less subjective than design, but includes opportunities to do web design.” Katelyn attended SAIT’s Web Development program, and took her first position in the industry here at WS.

Code is the backbone of all things digital, and Katelyn’s detailed, methodical approach to building new creative experiences ensure that our client’s audiences enjoy seamless, responsive websites, mobile apps and platforms, and more. She’s fluent in multiple programming languages including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, and PHP. Whether she’s creating something new for a project or supporting an existing site or app with updates to support functionality as technology changes, Katelyn has the end user in mind.

When she’s not at work, you can find Katelyn knitting, or trying her best to keep plants alive. “I constantly buy and unintentionally kill plants. I’ve told myself if I can keep one alive for a year then I will treat myself to a dog. So far my record is 8 months. RIP, Clarence the cactus.”

After nearly a year bringing her talents to WS as a contractor, Katelyn has officially joined our team as a Developer. Please join us in welcoming her! You can connect with Katelyn on LinkedIn.