The Media Director, representing a management position, oversees media-related activities that increase the public’s interest in a company’s products and services. Reporting directly to the President, the Media Director is responsible for planning and building a media team and utilizing freelance support in order to solve client challenges. The Media Director will build the media team’s workflow, and knowledge share with all WS on how the media team will support client needs. They identify how best to reach and connect with our clients’ target audience, given budget, timing and message. They analyze data, think creatively and dream up innovative strategies to make sure marketing campaigns reach the right target audience in the most effective way possible. They assess the impact and suitability of different types of media for targeting a specific market that clients want to reach. They also inform and collaborate with all agency teams to create the best solution for our clients’ marketing problems.


  • Inputs time daily and accurately in Clients & Profits
  • Develops and revises media process/workflow as required
  • Works closely with insights & analytics, content, creative, strategy and account managers/directors to come up with the best media solutions to meet client goals
  • Analyzes and researches the target audience’s character, purchasing and media habits
  • Considers appropriate timing and media activities, based upon usage patterns and seasonal factors
  • Negotiates the best advertising rates that fit with the agreed media strategy
  • Stays up to date on media trends and technology
  • Adjusts media schedules in response to the latest audience analytics
  • Manages and reconciles media budgets
  • Works with insights & analytics to monitor and update account teams on the effectiveness of campaigns
  • Prepares and adjusts media plans as required
  • Presents media plans, including timing and cost breakdown, helping clients reach a final decision about their future advertising strategy
  • Ensures all media specifications are provided to account executives to prepare purchase orders
  • Follows up to ensure ad material has been sent and media is running correctly
  • Networks and maintains relationships with existing and potential media vendors, ensures statistics, circulation and viewing figures are up to date
  • Networks with potential media clients
  • Responsible for growing the media business with existing and new clients
  • Is a role model for WS’s corporate culture
    • Supports and mentors everyone on the team
    • Brings unexpected, value added ideas to client
    • Works with other groups within the agency to create efficiencies, increases positive communication, is punctual for all meetings, prepares for meetings where possible and develops positive personal relations
    • hips

    • Brings opportunities forward to the team lead that benefits the work
    • Shares opportunities for shared knowledge within the agency

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