Account Executives (AE) answer to the Director of Client Services. AE’s are responsible for daily contact between the agency and one or more client accounts. The AE interfaces with agency departments to move projects through on behalf of the client. This includes meeting with the Creative Directors concerning creative, studio, content and digital issues, and the Executive VP, Operations & Projects concerning operations and team relationships.

The AE has major input in developing strategic marketing plans for their clients. After plans are developed and presented to clients, the AE is responsible for carrying out the plan on a daily basis. The AE is a key motivator and has an invested interest in the balance between workflow, and not just treating the projects as something to complete and get off their plate.

WS strives to work with AE’s who are not just focused on checking off completed tasks, but helps support the ideation and feels switched on with the work.


  • Maintains strong relationships with clients, internal staff, freelancers and vendors and regularly liaises between agency and clients regarding client needs, objectives, budgets and timelines
  • Works proficiently with WS’ choice of online conferencing software to organize meetings with far-away clients
  • Holds meetings with client and agency teams to ensure continuity of understanding between all parties involved
  • Builds, drives and supports the projects through the Trello project management tool
  • Organizes and officiates over brainstorming and tactical meetings regarding client strategies
  • Support estimate prep and reviews them with Account Directors and the Pricing Manager to send to respective clients for approval
  • Opens jobs in Clients and Profits, ensuring correct contact information, job descriptions and client account codes/purchase orders are input
  • Prepares timelines, monitor and send to client if applicable
  • Sets up and maintains resource data and timelines through Smartsheet software.
  • Works with outside vendors and freelancers as required
  • Proofs all ad material applicable to account
  • Obtain written creative blueprints and email blueprint to the appropriate teams
  • Sources and provide Creative with all background/reference materials needed for concept and copy, then follow up with creative to ensure deadlines are met
  • Review all concepts, copy and layouts with Account Director, Production and Proofreader for positioning, technical accuracy, legal and plain language errors, appropriate creative direction, appropriate specifications, grammar, etc.
  • Send concepts, copy, layouts, and talent for client approval
  • Maintains client contact throughout project, setting expectations for delivery and updating project 

You also have…

  • Consistent attention to detail
  • Critical thinking skills: you’re a proactive problem solver
  • The ability to keep multiple projects, multiple clients and tight timelines in order
  • Excellent customer service skills
  • An education in marketing, PR or communications, Project Management
  • A positive attitude
  • Agency experience
  • The willingness to step outside your job description and take on other account role duties as Director of Client Services sees fit

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You might not have heard of WS before, but maybe you have heard of Woodruff Sweitzer — our former moniker. Though our name is brand new, WS has been active in the Western Canadian market for more than 16 years. Our staff ranges from enthusiastic grads to seasoned veterans with over 30 years of industry experience.

Our team of 25 (and growing) seems to really like it here, proven by our incredibly low turnover rate. We welcome staff to work off-site though WORKshift, offer flex days, give birthdays off, provide paid volunteer time, have a professional development budget, a fat Spotify account, and this amazing thing called a “bonus program.” Sometimes, we all get together in the kitchen and eat a pile of samosas.

It’s a pretty sweet gig, and we hope you can be part of it someday. Thanks for considering WS.