July 30, 2018

Art Director Joel Heyland Joins WS

At any given moment in our offices, you’re likely to find Joel Heyland sketching an idea in his notebook or making it come to life digitally. Fresh out of school, Joel is the newest addition to the WS team. He’s an Art Director with big ideas and an intuition for how to move past simply showcasing products or brands, producing work that evokes feeling and meaning. But he wasn’t always planning to be in this line of work. “I never took art in high school. I never knew I’d be an artist. There wasn’t a definitive moment I decided ‘Oh, I want to be an art director’,” he says. “I had moments in my life where I realized I really like teaching people through visuals, and taking large amounts of information and boiling them down to a simple infographic or idea.”

In the end, it was a few dedicated professors at the University of Lethbridge who helped Joel find his way. After a move to Alberta from Kingston, ON, they spotted his passion and potential for design. “They encouraged me to pursue it for my future, and to do it at Alberta College of Art & Design (ACAD). There, I learned advertising and creative design.”

Skilled in the entire Creative Suite, Joel loves creating and concepting big ideas to pitch to clients. It’s not uncommon for him to bring an idea to a brainstorming meeting that everyone else wishes they’d thought of first. From those sketches, Joel has helped shape creative and concepts that help our clients make real and impactful connections with their audiences.

In his personal life, Joel doesn’t believe he’s terribly interesting, but we beg to differ. A huge sports fan (just don’t bring up the Golden State Warriors), he plays soccer and basketball and helped many of us in the office understand the ins and outs of the recent World Cup games. He loves theme parks, especially the calculated risk of adrenaline rides, and lists Universal Studios and Canada’s Wonderland among his favourites. And his taste of music is as varied as you might expect from an athlete turned artist:

“My iTunes library is very random. I’ll jump from classic hip-hop to Russian opera to Josh Groban. I love me some Josh Groban.”